How to Set Up an Ubuntu Active Directory Client

Screenshot Editing Auto eth0

Here I will explain a solution that worked for me to configure an Ubuntu workstation to authenticate with an Active Directory domain. The workstation was able to browse domain resources (ie, filesystem) without having to log in and it pulled the AD group information from the domain controller. A process was used to map certain …

Star Trek

Star Trek

All right I guess it’s best I update the site with something. I’d like to give my take on the new Star Trek movie. To be perfectly honest I thought it was pretty good. When I was watching it, I noticed a lot of stuff that set it quite a bit aside from the Star …

Everything I own – Super Mario Bros


Hello! Thought I‘d start this review series of mine where I Intend to review everything I own. Where else to start but with the very first game I ever owned Super Mario Bros. First the object of the game as pictured by my crappy phone camera. So just your typical save princess from dragon scenario, …