About The Choad

So you’re new here, huh? Wondering what on earth this site is about? Well, at the moment this site is being run by one guy called Al (which is short for Alastair, NOT Alex, Alan, Albert, Alec, Al Capone, Aligator, Alcatraz, Ali Baba, or his 40 theives).

Joining Alastair is his good friend and neighbour, Dave – an American who drinks a lot, swears a lot and likes women. A lot. In fact a lot of readers on this site think that he might like women a little too much and may in fact be over compensating. But who knows?

How it all began

I suppose that like all good things (assuming you like this sort of thing), it’s probably best to start right at the beginning;

In the beginning there was nothing. Nadda. Zip. And then suddenly WHAM! Stuff everywhere!

A few billion years later in a place called the UK, Al started up ‘The Chronicles of a Dumbass’ over at Blogger.com. Shortly after, the site was redesigned, moved away from Blogger and is now what you see today. This first version of the site, being the first, is a good place to start. Even if you don’t read the whole page, then at least the first post will give you a VERY good idea of what to expect from this site. You can do so by visiting http://archive.thechoad.com

The Choad Show

This site is also home to “The Choad Show”, a podcast (a radio show that you download over the internet) which you can play and listen to on your computer, iPod, portable mp3 player, mobile phone, audio CD, etc all through the power that is iTunes.

For more information on The Choad Show, just click on the link on the menu bar above.