Hey there site. Been awhile hasn’t it? How you been? uhuh…okay..yeah that sucks…hey look I didn’t ask for your life story.

As for me I’ve spent the last week at the hospital with tubes in my veins and getting all kinds of crap injected most of which is a bunch of fungus that apparently can kill bacteria. I hear they call it penicillin, in an effort to stem of a severe skin infection on my leg. So yeah it’s obviously been a week of hell for me. I finally got out of the hospital last night but I still have some recovery time ahead of me. My leg is covered with damaged tissue that needs replacing so it’s all falling apart. Doctor said that I will have to remain lying on the bed with my leg raised as much as possible for at least two more weeks probably more.

If hadn’t gone to the doctors when I did I would eventually the bacteria would have gotten into my blood stream and I could have died. So I urge you to see the doctor if your leg gets bloated and has reddish areas covering it and you get a high fever.

Anyways illness aside.

I’ve been spending my time playing Shadow complex lately and I gotta say it is quite good. It feels like I’m playing a blend between Super Metroid and Bionic commando which is a very good combination. The area in this game is enormous. I’ve been playing for nearly four hours and I’ve only covered just over half of it so far. It has some very pretty graphics, especially for a downloadable game very much like Trine..but it’s totally different environment so they are pretty each in their own way.

I believe I will make an effort to try to get it over and done with today since I’ll be stuck lying on the bed anyways…At least some good comes of this.

I haven’t gotten my hands on Arkham asylum even though I really really really really want it. But alas it costs money and the drugs I had to buy yesterday were expensive.

But I will get it..I have to, I must, I need, I desire, MINE GIMMEEEE!