Preacher’s kid is one of the more interesting Christian drama films I have watched this year. It is a classic tale of a young child rebelling against a stern, and controlling father by leaving her house. As the name suggests, she is the daughter of a small town preacher who is strict but loves his child dearly.

As the movie progresses, the protagonist Angie King, played by the talented LeToya Luckett, is lured by a handsome star, Devlin Mitchell, into leaving her town and her church. Angie, madly in love, decides to leave her bishop father behind and take the road along with a travelling gospel show.

Any perceptive person would assume right from that start that Angie King’s love story was not going to end well. Smooth talkers who convince you to leave your loving family, and your town behind are not to be trusted. Especially when they are as cunning as Devlin.

As expected, the romance between Angie and Devlin is short-lived. Angie is heartbroken and distraught. The man who she left her poor father behind for turns out to be a devil. At this point, Angie King feels completely lost. She lost her father when she ran away from home with a man who she thought was her world, and ended up losing him too. It’s heartbreaking to see how a smooth talker put poor Angie through so much trouble.

Now since Angie ran away from home and her dad is presumably a very strict preacher, she believes that going back home is no longer an option. She fears that her father would be mad at her, even refuse to let her back into his house. But, to her pleasant and great surprise, her father welcomes his beloved daughter home happily. He, instead of being mad as Angie thought he would be, is glad that his little girl is back home safely.

Despite being a low budget movie, it is a treat to watch! I felt emotionally attached to Angie and even cried at one point. So, it would be wise to keep a napkin near you before you start this movie. The most brilliant yet brief part was played by one of my top favorite celebrities; Clayton English!

Clayton English

Clayton English has garnered quite a following after he won NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2015, I have been following his movies and shows and tours long before he became so mainstream. Before Preacher’s kid, Clayton English had already impressed audiences with his work in “Five Days in the A”. Clayton English’s spontaneity and sheer talent will blow you away. If Clayton English ever comes on a tour to my city, I will be the first in line to get my ticket!

Preacher’s kid only shows a glimpse of the brilliance of Clayton English. To get the full Clayton English experience, one should get tickets for all his tours! Watching him do standup comedy would make anyone laugh! Even poor Angie King would forget her woeful love life if she were to attend one of Clayton English’s shows during his upcoming tour!