Been awhile but I’d just like to add stuff I’ve been doing.

First of all I’m back wasting my precious life moments on World of Warcraft, we’ll see how long I’ll keep that up this time around.

I’ve also been playing Trine, I think I am pretty close to the end of it now. While I was disappointed when I heard that the game does not have online co-op and only offline co-op it is still a wonderful game and some of the sexiest graphics in any game. Now don’t get me wrong, online co-op isn’t the most necessary thing ever and in fact I much prefer offline co-op over online co-op any day but as there are some people living far away from me that I would have liked to play with, I was disappointed. They have said there is a slight possibility that online co-op will be made available in the future for Trine. It’s still going to be like it was with Castle Crashers. By the time the patch that fixed the useless online mode that came with the game, I had already finished the game and moved on to others. Although I do get cravings to play Castle Crashers from time to time because of how awesome it is.

Now I also got entry into a beta earlier today. It’s a dota style game called Heroes of Newerth. Since I am under NDA I can’t write anything about it in here or anywhere, so I’ll have to wait until that is lifted before I can comment on it, plus I haven’t even played it yet so I can’t comment on anything anyways since the connection I am on currently sucks.

I was happy when I saw this. Lucasart bringing back some of their old adventure games is aokay in my book. I never got the chance to play Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis but I had always heard great things, so now I can actually do get my hands on it. What is really intriguing though is that they are looking like they have done with Monkey Island they are interested in making remakes of more of their classics or perhaps some new games in the franchises to which I Can say two things.

Grim Fandango 2 and Full Throttle 2 Plz?