So my new love and guaranteed purchase would be this game called Trine.

Trine HD

Trine is a platformer set in a fantasy world where the dead have risen and threaten to take over the kingdom.

You play as The Thief, The Wizard and The Knight that through destiny have had their souls bound together by a magical artifact called the Trine and their struggle to fight off the undead and dark magic and to uncover the secrets of the Trine.

As you might expect each of the main characters have certain abilities that can help you in their own way.

The Knight(Pontius) is well..the strong fighter of the bunch, when there is fight to fought he serves well with his trusty sword and shield, though he isn’t very smart but trying his very best to proof his worth to the King.

The Thief(Zoya) is an expert artisan and can use her grappling hook to grab onto rocks and wood to swing between platforms and areas. She isn’t there by choice and is mainly concerned with getting her hands on treasure for herself.

The Wizard(Amadeus) has the ability to conjure up boxes to reach otherwise unreachable places as well as being able move objects around as he pleases. While his skills come in handy in certain situations, the wizard is a failure at being a wizard. Mainly due to him being much too concerned with getting lucky with girls he has yet to even master the fireball spell.

In the single player you can switch between the characters depending on the situations at will just by pushing a button, but the game also has a co-op mode where you can with two others work together to get through the game where each controls one of the three characters.

It’s the co-op mode that really makes this game seem interesting and I can’t wait to test that out since I’ve only had the pleasure of playing the single player demo.

I’d also like to add that this game has some of the prettiest visuals I have seen in a long time. It has a very sleek fantasy look and is bright and vibrant and perfectly executed. The music also fits perfectly with the fantasy theme of the game.

Now as for the gameplay, well in actuality it isn’t inventing the wheel or anything. It is after all a platformer. However there is a reason why platform games exist to this day, it’s because they are extremely fun and this game is no exception. Adding in co-op mode just makes it that much better then it would already have been without one which is why I don’t understand why so many games do come without the ability to play with others.

I’ve actually heard a lot of people talk about how this game is like Lost vikings by Blizzard, and I do see where they are getting at. That alone makes it well worth a purchase.

I think it’s schedule for a release on PSN and PC on July the 7th, I don’t think Xbox 360 is getting any love in this case which does suck..but who knows maybe it will eventually.